Money-saving 101 for college students, parents: Budgeting, tuition payment tips

Did your head explode when you heard about 22-year-old college student Kim who blew through a $90,000 college fund and has no way to pay the tuition bill? Miss Entitled and Clueless called in to the Bert Show to complain and blame her parents for not teaching her budgeting skills. You read that correctly–mom and pop are at fault because she now has to pay–she says. So for Kim, and anyone else wondering how to pay for college, heres Money 101 for college students parents with budgeting and tuition payment tips.

Parents, think before giving kids access to college funds. Colleges will tell parents to give students a loaded debit card for incidentals. Dont. Make them set up their...

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Is Sovereign Immunity For Tribal Payday Lending Coming To An End?

Short-term loans, known colloquially as payday lending, never fails to elicit a big response — if not always a consistent one. Foes of the practice point to the high double and triple digit annual interest rates and consumers swept into never-ending cycles of debt as proof of the inherent evil in the practice of offering fast, short-term, high-interest access to small amounts of cash. Friends of payday lending, on the other hand, point to the genuine need it serves and argue that far from being a tool to oppress the poor, it is more often used as a stopgap for working and middle class earners in a bind.

On the federal level, short term lending has drawn the attention of the CFPB....

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Christmas in July: money-saving tips – Kare 11

Christmas in July: money-saving tips

Regina Conway, consumer expert with Slickdeals, joined us on KARE 11 Saturday with some great money saving strategies to use now.

July 27, 2015 Acknowledges Merchants Advance Network as the …

NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – July 09, 2015) – The independent authority on credit card processors,, has named Merchants Advance Network the best merchant cash advance service for the month of July 2015. Merchants Advance Network was chosen based on their effective performance in an in-depth analysis of the solutions they offer. While there are thousands of services offering a variety of solutions, the rankings consist of the best highlighted based on the results of the meticulous evaluation process.

These services are evaluated in order to identify which produce the best overall services. This is accomplished through the use of a set of analysis...

July 26, 2015

topcreditcardprocessorscom Selects eMerchantBrokercom as the Top High Risk …

NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – July 13, 2015) – The independent authority on payment processors,, has named the best high risk processing service for July 2015. was selected due to their remarkable performance in the meticulous evaluation process. Thousands of services are considered while only the 30 best are showcased in the rankings.

The independent research team at performs a thorough evaluation of the competing services in order to stay aware of their latest successes within the industry. Performing services are evaluated through the use of five verticals of evaluation...

July 26, 2015

David Bach money-saving exercise – Business Insider

Its hard to walk far in any city or town in the US and not pass an enticing coffee shop, juice bar, or fast-food joint.

A small mental lapse could easily leave you $5 short every day, and giving into two cravings could mean $10 out the window within minutes.

David Bach, financial adviser and bestselling author, calls this the Lattà Factor in his book, Smart Couples Finish Rich.

Society is now designed to help you lattà your future away, he writes. Theres no getting around it. Money is easy to waste. Its especially easy to waste on the small stuff … The challenge is that the small stuff adds up â?? and before you know it, youve cost yourself millions.


July 26, 2015

O’Malley’s personal example on college debt confuses the experts

Admissions and financial aid experts have been increasingly worried in recent years that horror stories about debt could discourage low-income students from applying to college at all. And many of those horror stories suggest that one needs to borrow in the six figures to afford college. There was a New York Times series in 2012, for example, that led with a woman who borrowed $120,000 to earn a bachelor#39;s degree.

Today the average student loan debt to earn a four-year degree is about $28,000 — not insignificant by any means, but not close to six figures. And that#39;s why many student aid experts were stunned Wednesday to read how Martin O#39;Malley, the former Maryland governor...

July 25, 2015

Money-saving, shopping tips from ‘Good and Cheap’ author |

Last week I was fortunate enough to have been gifted time to get to know and grocery shop with cookbook author Leanne Brown.

Brown, who was named a 2015 30 under 30 in the field of food and drink by Forbes, broke out onto the scene with her book “GOOD AND CHEAP: Eat Well on $4/Day.” It nabbed the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Judge’s Choice Award, but much more than the wonderful accolades, it is a book that is looking to challenge the way we eat.

As a graduate student in food studies at New York University, Brown focused her thesis on how well someone can really eat on $4 a day — the amount provided through the government’s...

July 25, 2015

A brief history of bridging finance – ASTL

No one knows when bridging finance first started, but its believed to have begun as a lending speciality in the late 1960s in London and Manchester.

At that time, most of what is now termed ‘bridging was done by banks and professionals such as solicitors and accountants. In the 1960s there were immense restrictions on bank and building society lending. They were unable to provide loans on peoples homes for any purpose other than its purchase. Much later restrictions were lifted to allow for home improvements.

The only bridging available was for people who were buying their homes and had exchanged contracts for the sale of their existing property, what today we would consider...

July 25, 2015

When Small-Business Loans Can Become an Addiction

Small-business loans are so easy to come by nowadays that some entrepreneurs end up borrowing over and over again.

That’s when the borrowing can turn into something akin to an addiction, pushing small-business owners into a vicious debt trap.

“They’re stuck on a treadmill of needing it over and over again,” Molly Otter, chief investment officer at Lighter Capital, tells NerdWallet. “They don’t realize how expensive the loan is. They haven’t done the math. They don’t understand the cost. … It takes time for that to sink in.”

MORE: Best Business Loans

Entrepreneurs now find more options to finance their small...

July 24, 2015

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